Children Tea Parties

    The Princess Tea Party is one of the most popular birthday parties! All little girls love this one. This Tea features dress up in princess dresses and crowns and fashion show. Tea and refreshments are served by the Queen of Old Oaks. After tea, everyone will enter the ball room for dancing and Karaoke until the clock strikes the witching hour to change back to street clothes and leave. The birthday princess and her ladies in waiting will than receive a special good-bye gift from the Queen.

    The Teddy Bear tea party is also a fun time for all. Everyone will dress up for tea and adopt and dress her own teddy bear who will join in the tea. While having tea and refreshment, the teddy bears' names will be drawn from a magical tea pot. Each adopted mother will be granted the name for her precious teddy bear by the Queen. After tea, everyone will enter the ball room for dancing and Karaoke until it is time to change back to street clothes. The Queen of Old Oaks will say goodbye to each guest and her adopted teddy bear.

    Victorian Tea Parties are enjoyed by all young ladies no matter what the age. Our Birthday guest will have first pick of dress, hat, and gloves to wear while having tea. Everyone will also join in and dress up in beautiful dresses and accessories for tea. During tea each guest will learn proper etiquette from the host of Old Oaks. Each guest will learn how to make a Victorian fan to take home, and will enjoy dancing and Karaoke until time to leave.

Adult Tea Parties

    A Mystery Tea Party is a special time for all Ladies to spend time with their friends and family. While enjoying each other's company, each person will play a roll she received with her invitation to tea. During conversation each lady will act as the character in the mystery. This is a wonderful way to enjoy conversation, and at the same time be challenged to discover who is guilty of the crime. The first person to solve the mystery will receive a gift.

    Victorian Tea Parties allow Ladies to sit back and enjoy communication with one another, and delight in the Victorian era. Before leaving, each guest will make a Victorian hat to either enjoy wearing or as a wonderful decoration for Easter or any special event. A Victorian Tea is a wonderful way to celebrate a bridal shower, baby shower, mother/daughter tea, or just a get-to-gather.

    Mother/Daughter Teas are very special. They provide time to enjoy each other's company. Daughters are invited to choose a hat, gloves and accessories for tea. Mother and daughter will join to make a craft, and if desired, sing together. This is a special time to make a lasting memory. Grandmothers love to join this special tea with both their daughters and granddaughters.

    And our General Tea is just for plain good conversation and a get-to-gather. We furnish the setting, tea and refreshment, and you furnish the good company. We will work with you to make your tea party special.

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